APNAC Secretariat

Since January 2010 the Secretariat of APNAC, which had hitherto operated from offices in Nairobi, Kenya, was moved to Accra, Ghana, from where it currently operates under the auspices of the Parliamentary Centre’s Africa Poverty Reduction Office. The APNAC Secretariat is headed by an Executive Director, who works with a small team in close collaboration with the PC-Africa staff and the APNAC Executive Committee to implement the Network’s Continental programs.

APNAC Secretariat functions

  1. To facilitate meetings and workshops for the network, in addition to planning the Annual General Meetings, ensuring maximum stakeholder participation, and to disseminate the reports and recommendations from such meetings;
  2. To report to the APNAC executive committee and the AGM on implementation of the strategic approach (yearly work plans) of the network;
  3. To provide information clearing-house services such as provision of advice to chapters on implementation of the work plan and facilitation of access to information and expertise in support of specific anticorruption actions;
  4. To keep the records and archives of the organization, including to handle the financial and logistical organization and reporting of all project-related activities as specified in the yearly work plans;
  5. To facilitate the development and dissemination of guidance materials (manuals, training courses, handbooks)  to support implementation of the work plan by the different chapters;
  6. To promote the exchange of relevant anticorruption information and sharing of best ideas and experiences between APNAC chapters;
  7. To promote the establishment and maintenance of a network of anticorruption stakeholders at the national (country chapters), regional (APNAC-wide) and international levels (GOPAC, civil society etc);
  8. To provide guidance to APNAC country chapters in the initiation of project proposals for funding; and
  9. To establish and maintain a working relationship with Parliamentary Centre Africa (PCA) in order to draw upon its expertise.


Secretariat Staff

Managing the Secretariat

Fabrice Fiffonsi

Executive Director
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